Holiday Games to Play with Your Friends and Family

Holiday Games | Titus-Will Chevy | Tacoma, WA

Whether you’re looking to start a new seasonal tradition or for a way to keep the kids busy while you’re wrapping their presents, these holiday games should do the trick. These festive activities are the perfect way to have some extra fun with friends and family this season.

Saran Wrap Game

In the Saran Wrap game, participants face the unique challenge of unwrapping layers of plastic wrap to win prizes. To prepare the game, purchase small gifts and candies, and wrap them up into a giant ball of plastic wrap, adding new treats with every ten or so layers. Players then sit in a circle and take turns unwinding the ball to disclose the hidden gifts.

Snowman Bowling

In Snowman Bowling, players take turns bowling, but instead of pins, they’re aiming for home-made snowman towers. You and your family can spend a fun craft day building a few of the snowmen, using tissue boxes, paint, and construction paper. When game time comes, you need only stack the snowmen and enjoy the game.

Reindeer Ring Toss

Wondering what to do with that pair of reindeer antlers leftover from last year’s holiday party? A quick round of this reindeer ring toss game will be the perfect reason to whip them out. One player wears the antler headbands while another takes a try at tossing rings around the antlers. Be sure to use soft rings, like inflatable pool toys or Styrofoam rings from your local craft store.

Titus-Will Chevy wishes you and your family Happy Holidays. Remember to give us a call for any vehicular needs you might have this season.

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