Make Your Camping Trip Better with These Chevy Silverado Camping Accessories

2020 Silverado 2500HD | Titus-Will Chevrolet

We here at Titus-Will Chevrolet are lucky to call Washington our home. This beautiful state is filled to the brim with national parks and camping grounds, making it the ideal place for weekend adventures. If you’re looking to head out camping with your Chevrolet Silverado, though, why not make things a bit easier? Here are some Chevy Silverado camping accessories you should consider when you head out this weekend.

Comfy Tents

Washington can have unpredictable weather at times, which is why it’s always important to be prepared. Stay comfortable throughout the night with one of the Sportz tents available from Chevy. These tents were created with your Silverado in mind, and attach to the bed of your trunk for easy put-up and take-down. You can also opt for a tonneau cover to ensure your cargo stays dry when the skies open up.

Smartly Tow

Your Silverado was made to tow and haul, so why not take advantage? Whether you’re bringing your boat along with you to push out in Puget Sound or plan on bringing a camper with you to your campsite, purchase a trailer hitch package to make it possible.

Consider Protection

If you’re heading off-road, then you’re likely ready to get down and dirty – but why not try and preserve your Silverado’s paint while you’re at it? Invest in some splash guards to protect your Silverado’s paint job from mud and debris, and consider investing in an A-pillar light for extra visibility and safety.

Not sure which of these Chevy Silverado camping accessories you should invest in? Stop by Titus-Will Chevrolet. We’ll help you narrow down which add-on would suit your vehicle and your lifestyle best. 

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